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Our First Month with a Traeger Grill

I am not exaggerating when I say I have been hinting (sometimes subtle and other times not so subtle) to my husband for years about wanting a Traeger. Years ago, my dad had given us an old charcoal smoker and it was a total flop. I love to cook, but I am not pit master. Also, kids... two tiny humans that basically never let me continue a thought or action without interruption.

Six months into COVID life and lack of dining options, hubs was ready to discuss and research model options with me. We ended up ordering the Traeger Pro Series 575. We chose this model based on size and functionality. I knew for sure WiFire technology would be important to me and let me tell you the convenience of checking grill and probe temp from a phone is fantastic. The grill came in two large boxes and assembly instructions were very clear.

We've owned our Traeger Pro Series 575 for a month now and while we've absolutely loved every recipe we've tried so far, these are our favorites:

  1. Smoked Shredded Brussels Sprout Salad- this was one of our Thanksgiving dinner sides and while it was a perfect compliment to the holiday meal, I would gladly enjoy it any day of the year.

  2. Grilled Whole Steelhead Filet- our family regularly purchases large steelhead trout filets for dinner, but I have to say the ease of execution and this flavor of doing it on this grill was like nothing we have had before.

  3. Reverse Seared Try-Tip w/ Chimichurri Sauce- this was my first time using a reverse sear method and holy moly was it tasty! I also was planning on being too lazy to actually make the chimichurri sauce, but I am glad I went through with it.

  4. Baja-Stye Fish Tacos- we purchased responsibly raised tilapia for this recipe and even our picky eater kiddo devoured her portion.

  5. Smoked Roasted Chicken w/ Herb Butter- this was our Christmas dinner main dish and it was wonderful!

  6. Smoked Wings- I actually used the original wing recipe we always used on a regular grill and made tweaks, so that we could skip the oven step and do everything on the Traeger (see Traeger steps).

  7. Whole Grilled Red Snapper- this was incredible. We purchased our whole red snapper from HEB which was gutted and cleaned for us. We served this dish with the salad and brown rice which we drizzled with some of the salad dressing as well.

  8. Cold- Smoked Salmon Gravlax- while this recipe involves days and a little bit of planning, the steps are simple and the result is honestly better than any store bought smoked salmon I have ever purchased. We used the salmon for charcuterie boards, lox and bagels and even made sushi bowls.

I hope this selection inspires you to create some new dishes at home. Now I am off to try and decide what our NYE menu will look like...decisions, decisions.

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