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I am mom. A day in the life...


I’m kicking my younger self that thought SAHMs (stay at home moms) did yoga all day, went for spa treatments and shopped to fill their free time. I was indeed young and kinda clueless about just how hard moms of school age children work!

A little insight to my typical schedule...

5:30am wake up to either complete a 60 minute System of Strength Digital Studio class


5:45am wake up to pump 6 ounces before I run so that I do not leak

6:45am fast shower and throw on a robe

7am wake Max and nurse him while Olivia gets dressed and eats breakfast (thankfully most mornings Daddy is home and able to help with this!)

-if I did not run and pump before I pump after nursing Max usually another 6 ounces which takes about 20 minutes. I use this extra to store in the freezer for any nights I may be away or I want to have drinks

7:30am Daddy drives Olivia to school if he’s not traveling. If he is traveling, Max and I drive her to school drop off

7:40-8:30am time to play with Max

8:30am change Max’s diaper and lay him down in his crib for his morning nap

8:30am-10am hair, makeup, eat breakfast, catch up on IG, blog writing, emails, clean and do laundry

10am Max wakes, change his diaper and nurse him


-play with Max (I love the activities provided by Baby Sparks app)

-head to Olivia’s school to volunteer or drive to blogger/influencer meeting

11am-1pm I usually try to schedule my meetings with restaurants, brands or photographers during this time, so that Max can nap in the Ergo carrier or in his car seat and I am not missing out on precious play time

1pm nurse Max and diaper change

- it’s ideal if I can finish and feed him in the car since he gets distracted easily while feeding, but Max has eaten in several restaurants, parks and even in Olivia’s school classroom (while the kids were elsewhere thankfully)! Thank goodness for helpful blogger friends, nursing covers and button front styles being on trend.

nursing Max at Olivia's school

1:30-2:30pm commute home from school or meetings, diaper change and usually outfit change from an all day spit up massacre and play with Max

2:30- 3:10pm stroller walk so Max can get a nap before school pickup. If it is raining or storming we have to hop in the car pickup line which means leaving the house early so he can get a full nap in and sitting in the car for almost 45 minutes. If we do get stuck in the car this is when I can catch up on IG and draft blog posts.

walk before school pickup- thank you Armchair Expert for entertainment

3:10pm pickup Olivia from school and walk home

3:30-4pm unpack Olivia’s backpack and lunch, time to chat about her day and sit together while she has an after school snack

4pm feed Max while Olivia gets changed for swim practice

-*on Tuesday’s Olivia has dance at 4pm so we rush home from school, she changes and eats a snack in the car on the way to dance then I feed Max in the studio while she is in class.

4:30-5pm drive to swim practice. Apply sunscreen, cap and goggles. Put Max in the Ergo cattier and reserve a spot under the shade so he can lay on a towel and play with toys. During this drive Max usually likes to deliver is a special stinky gift, so this means immediate diaper change upon arrival. Olivia and I have giggles over his precious timing.

5-5:30pm swim practice

*car seats are heavy and awkward to carry. It’s by this point in the day that I’m over the in and out of the car routine

5:30-6pm load kids in the car and drive home

6pm dinner time - which because of lack of time lately has been a crockpot meal, taco night, Caulipower pizza topped with fried eggs and served with a salad, brinner (breakfast for dinner) or Snap Kitchen meals.

6:30pm bathe Max then help Olivia shower (she is able to do most her self but I have to spot check how well she massages the shampoo in and how well she rinses her hair) and comb through her hair and braid it before bed to avoid tangles

7pm daddy reads to Olivia and tucks her into bed while I nurse Max and put him to bed (this is if he is home and not at an evening event or work dinner), when I finish feeding and putting Max to bed I go into Olivia’s room to kiss her and sometimes that’s when we have the best conversations

7:45pm-9:30pm laundry, pack Olivia’s lunch for the next day, edit photos, prep content, reply to emails and time with hubby to watch tv and chat

9:30pm good night... mama tired.

*side note: let’s not forget the theme days, teacher gifts, project assignments,

kid Birthday parties. There’s always something to shop and/or prep for it feels like!

**this was just an example Day. I did not mention a day with. Children’s dentist, doctor appointments, grocery shopping, meal prepping, random calls from the nurse’s office that my daughter needs a change of clothes from being spilled on during lunchtime (yes, this has happened).

No, not every day is the same, but some factors don’t change. Our days are organized chaos which is why I cannot wait for summer. Yes, my life will still be super busy with the kids, but did you notice in the weekday hustle how little time I get to spend with Olivia? I miss her. She is absolutely my best friend and I miss the moments of free play together. Our summer itinerary is packed with travel plans, but most importantly we get to be with one another (and say goodbye to school drop off and pickup for a few months).

So if you like my younger self wondered...

1. I do not work out at a fancy studio- I have a pile of weights and a yoga mat in front of the TV

2. My nails never look nice because making it to a salon seems near impossible

3. I only shop online because I don’t enjoy shopping and also there’s that lack of time thing

4. My clothes are most often covered in spit up and I haven’t looked in the mirror once since 8:30am

5. I am always tired and there are zero vacation days (as a friend once told me

a vacation with kids is actually a trip). There are no lazy weekend mornings. Weekends are typically booked with kid events, birthday parties and media events.

6. Mom brain is real. I am educated, well informed and intelligent. If I seem distracted, I am. Every minute I am thinking through next steps and what two human lives are needing.

7. I love my life and I love my job. I would not change a thing!

8. My husband is my lifeline. He gives me strength when I’m feeling weak and reminds me to smile when I’m cranky.

Photo taken by Monique Karabach of ATX Eats and Treats at Ski Shores on Float On Pontoon.

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