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Oz Tap House

I was invited to experience Oz Tap House and let me tell you the only thing I wish I could change is to move this gem closer to where we live! Oz Tap House is the first self pour concept in Texas.

When you walk into Oz you are kindly greeted and introduced to the ordering and tap system. Oz Tap House is the first pour your own concept in Texas. When you're ready to start pouring (beer, wine, cider or sake) an Oz card that is given to you is linked to your credit card (RFID card system). You can expect 30 Texas beers on tap. Now the fun starts! You insert your tap card and start pouring and the system measures and reads exactly how much you pour. When you’re finished for the evening, simply return your tap card and close out.

Food is ordered via counter service, but should you need to add anything throughout your visit you can order via one of the kiosks in the restaurant. I don’t know about anyone else, but lately our daughter eats a full meal and says she is still hungry, so I can see myself utilizing one of those kiosks!

The outside space houses a large fenced in play area with several picnic tables. For our family a playscape can be a huge determining factor when dining out. If our daughter can run off some energy and play with other kiddos, we get to slowly chew our food versus inhaling at a disgusting rate.

The menu featured some really interested burgers including a gulf shrimp patty burger, salads and bites. The kids menu has some of the usual suspects, but also the cutest kids charcuterie board served on top of a soft pretzel. I cannot wait to take our daughter back so she can try it!

Oz Tap House is a must visit spot for folks with and without kiddos. It's has a relaxed neighborhood hangout vibe in which I could easily become a regular.

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