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Feed This House's Favorite Austin Salads of 2018

I have a SERIOUS obsession with salads. As a child, every time we went to a restaurant (which was not often) I would order a side salad with Italian dressing. While my tastes are more matured and varied now, I still love salads. I guess I have always enjoyed vegetables and something about the crunch and texture of a salad is comfort to me. It is truly what I crave most days. I have eaten so many salads in my life, that I consider myself pretty savvy when it comes to finding the good ones. So here is my roundup of my favorite Salads I’ve had in Austin for the past year. I cannot wait to discover some new greens this year! As always, your reccommendations are important to me, so please send a message over if you have a salad for me to try.

1. Lou Bodega's Eastside Crunch

The name says it all! The crunch of the cabbage, almonds and crispy rice is everything to me!

2. Eat. Drink. Anthem. Nom Nom Noodle Salad.

Stellar blend of chilled lo mein noodles, crunchy cabbage and dressed with a Thai peanut vinaigrette. I added the crispy smoked tofu and it was amazing!

3. The Grove Wine Bar Asian Crisp Salad w/ Tofu

I love a good Asian themed salad with a crunch and this had it all, including fried wontons on top. I also appreciate when tofu is a protein choice!

4. Unit D Pizzeria's Arugula Salad

This salad has all the summer feels tossed together in one bowl. Arugula combined with strawberries, avocado, pistachios, mint and a light poppy seed vinaigrette paired with one of Unit D’s awesome wine offerings and you're all set for a hot summer evening.

5. Hank’s Chopped Black Kale Salad

This is one of those rare cases when I do not ask for dressing on the side because Hank’s doesn’t over dress the kale into a soupy mess. Also, bye bye old school croutons. This salad had little crunchy bread bites tossed throughout. I always add salmon because the wood-fired flavor and pairs perfectly with Hank’s shallot vinaigrette.

6. Easy Tiger Quinoa Salad

This salad is meant to be a side dish because it goes so well with any of Easy Tiger’s house made sausages. The salad is a hearty blend of kale, roasted sweet potatoes and quinoa tossed with a ginger vinaigrette.

7. Curcuma’s Kitchari Bowl

My love for this food truck and this bowl run deep! Curcuma makes a knockout kitchari bowl that leaves your taste buds dancing, your tummy satisfied and your body well nourished. If you’re interested in learning more about the ayurvedic diet click here . 

8. Word of Mouth Bakery Lemon Kale Salad

I know when you first read this name you’re mind automatically pictured a case of delightful pastries, but stay focused! This salad blew my mind. What I love the most is the balsamic currents. These little babies give the neatest little pops of acidity! 

9. Bento Picnic Salmon Garden Bento

I know I’ve gone off the reservation here since this isn’t a traditional salad, but I’m placing this bento box in the salad category.  I’m a renegade and it’s too freaking good to be left out. Don’t forget to add a tamagoyaki egg (it’s kinda their thing)!

10. Fresa's Chicken al Carbon Kale Caesar Salad

Honestly, I love this salad because the kale is massaged first, perhaps with oil, then tossed with dressing and then topped with fresh ingredients. This method means by the time the kale leaves hit your mouth they are already tender and packed with flavor.  I always add chicken, because well duh, it's Fresa's and chicken is their thing!

11. Sour Duck Market Almost Winter Squash Salad 

This is a bowl of massaged kale laying in a bed of tahini and chèvre topped with pecan, apple and squash. I added a duck egg and avocado because I am extra. The salads here are seasonal, but I sure hope this guy returns! 

12. Le Bleu Tofu and Seitan Bún with Egg

If you haven't already noticed, I am a huge fan of tofu and eggs. Le Bleu offers several varieties of Bún and I am sure they are all amazing, but I loved this one. The greens were fresh, the cashews were crunchy, the tofu was super flavorful and the egg was cooked perfectly. Le Bleu is one of those spots I could dine at weekly.

13. Forthright Cafe Kale Caesar Salad with Fried Goat Cheese

Sometimes you need to go a bit crazy with your salad order and this is one of those times. The crunchy outside of the goat cheese balls combined with the bitey creaminess adds such awesome flavor and texture to this salad. 

14. Doc Motorworks Sunset Valley Salad

This is not a place that is probably known for salads and while the other food is good, I was shocked at how much I loved this salad. The ingredients and flavors were fresh!

15. Greenhouse Craft Food Chef’s Salad

This is not a revolutionary salad by any means, but true to Greenhouse’s reputation every single ingredient is perfection. The bacon is thick, yet crispy, the queso fresco is salty and crumbly and the pico adds flavor throughout. I absolutely love their ranch dressing (one of my favs in the greater Austin area), but the Green Goddess is equally dope. 

16. Nancy's Sky Garden Poke Bowl with Salmon and Sweet Potato Noodles

This poke bowl is served like a salad as it lays on cabbage and greens. The salmon is cut into just the right size for each bite. You can either have purple rice or sweet potato glass noodles on the side and both are great but I love the noodles. They are like a little treat to twist around your chopsticks in between poke bowl bites. 

17. 8 Track Cabbage and Kale Salad with Hot Smoked Salmon

The base of this salad rocks with flavor and texture. The cabbage and kale are dressed with cashew vinaigrette which is on the thicker side. I substitute the chicken for hot smoked salmon. Why? Because this is one of the many things 8 Track is knocks out of the park! The team smokes their own salmon and the subtle smoked flavor plus the slight hint of brown sugar is a delightful addition to this bowl of greens.

The other guys that aren't technically salads, but deserve mention...

1. Honest Mary's . These bowls are my everything. I no joke eat here at least once a week and love every single ingredient option. I tend to make the same tofu bowl most times, but I would truly be happy with any combo.

2. Mad Greens. Personally, I am obsessed with kale, their tofu and Cilantro Chili Lime dressing combined with some other toppings. I just love a place I can stop on a busy day and grab easy clean nutrition. This salad literally grew my baby during pregnancy and is now fueling breastfeeding. It is my constant craving!

3. MezzeMe is fast casual that also offers a nice wine and beer selection. The ingredients are all house made family recipes. You can design your bowl to be as dainty and light or as filling as your tummy desires. 

4. Chi'lantro. The story of Chi’lantro and the amazing way they treat their employees alone makes me want to be a consistent customer. Owner, Jay, is smart, hardworking and extremely loyal to the people that work hard for him plus he and his employees take the quality of what Chi’lantro dishes out very serious. You can make your meal as healthy or as indulgent as you would like and no matter what you choose, you leave satisfied by both the food and the service. 

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