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NEW Austin Food Truck... Sauce Odyssey

Nicole from @loveofallthethings and I got to check out a new food truck in Austin, Sauce Odyssey (1403 E 7th St., Austin, TX). It’s true, everything IS bigger in Texas, including the Sauce Odyssey truck. The back half of the truck opens and becomes a walk up sauce tasting bar. Sauce Odyssey owner is representing sauce makers from all over the country and giving Austinites a chance to sample the varieties of sauce flavors and styles.

After traveling the country and attending a variety of sauce expos, Sauce Odyssey owner Rod Crosby, realized the abundance of delicious sauces that are lacking representation. He is passionate about each sauce maker’s story and wants to spread the word. The sauces will all be kept in squeeze bottles for cleanliness, chilled recessed cup holders for freshness and tasted with Ecotensil spoons to take care of Mother Earth. Get this, if you find a sauce you like while sampling at Sauce Odyssey, you can buy the bottle on site either refrigerated or room temperature. The truck will also offer coupon codes and discount offers from certain makers if you are interested in shipping to yourself, friends or relatives. I fell in love with Spicemode’s Vindaloo sauce and immediately after leaving Rod’s food truck went to the sauce maker’s web page to purchase.

The front of the Texas sized truck is serving up some of the most extraordinary food I have ever tried. With Chef Jared Smith’s direction (formerly chef at San Antonio’s Feast restaurant), the Sauce Odyssey team is using customized rotisserie’s to create menu items unlike others. Sauce Odyssey sources local produce (from Johnson’s Backyard Organic , etc.) and high quality chickens (currently from Mary’s Chicken) rotisserie chicken thighs and legs served with a rotating house gravy, creative worldly interpretations of nachos and the most delightfully unique veggies I’ve had.

Sauce Odyssey is currently open Monday- Wednesday for lunch only (11am-3pm), Thursday-Saturday 11am-9pm and Sundays 11am-7pm. If weather is less desirable on the day you visit, you can nosh on your Sauce Odyssey order inside Revival Coffee next door. Online ordering is also available through the Sauce Odyssey web page .

'Eastside Nachos'- El Milagro tortilla chips from down the street, House queso, chopped rotisserie chicken breast, teardrop peppers and pickled onions

World Nacho (rotates monthly) currently ‘Leaning Tower’ - pasta chips topped with rotisserie chicken breast, fresh pesto, mozzarella, roasted cherry tomato, sautéed mushroom, fresh basil and balsamic reduction

Wings Take Flight- toasted wings that are perfect vessels to use during a tasting bar experience

Rotisserie Veggie Trio: - ‘Taters Gonna Tate’ drip tray roasted Fingerlings drizzled with Romesco Sauce and Scallions (*can be made vegetarian by request) - ‘What’s Up Doc’ roasted organic carrots with creamy pesto - ‘Just Beet It’ golden roasted beets with horseradish aioli and chives

‘Louvre’s Lane’ - banana and Nutella fried spring rolls served with caramel sauce, powdered sugar and mint

’M. E.’s Foamy Tea' - tea, ginger ale, mint and mama’s love blended and frozen (👆🏻BYOB Titos Vodka )

-Ashley M.

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