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Chef Reed Can Turn Any Meat Lover into a Veggie Lover at Austin Daily Press

On Thursday, November 1, Austin Food Bloggers Alliance members were invited to Austin Daily Press (4620 E Cesar Chavez St. Bldg. 1 Austin, TX) to enjoy bites from their ‘Greatest Hits’ menu and preview two courses from the upcoming beer pairing dinner with Hops & Grain Brewing . 

Our group previewed the first and third courses that will be served during the upcoming Beer Pairing Dinner that will take place on November 16 ( click here to buy tickets). Course 1 will be paired with Hops & Grain’s ‘River Beer’ and will be a portion of ‘Smoked Poblano Pumpkin Pups’ with white BBQ sauce. These fried dough bites are the best tasting hush puppies I have ever had and a wonderful balance of sweet and savory. Course 3 will be paired with Hops & Grain’s ‘APM’ and is a vegetarian Torta. Between grilled buns will lie grilled parsnips, beer battered mozzarella, oregano orange charmoula, jalapeño apple jam and roasted cabbage. Hurry and buy tickets now before they sell out! 

On another note, I had been to ADP’s MLK location (1900 East MLK Blvd B Austin, TX) before and enjoyed vegetarian options, but was officially blown away by the Tapas concept on the newest of ADP’s locations (Cesar Chavez). What really wowed me and will keep me coming back to Austin Daily Press is the creative spin Chef Reed is putting on classic vegetables. 

My three favorite vegetarian dishes from the Greatest Hits menu were Sweet Frites, Roasted Cauli and Chef Reed’s version of Pigs in a Blanket. He has taken an American party food favorite and substituted a hot dog for a perfectly grilled carrot. The flavors and the textures wonderfully compliment one another. I legitimately could have eaten an entire tray of these and I have no doubt my five year old daughter will devour them as well. With so many delightful veg options, vegetarians and vegans are far from limited! 

How many mothers across America are begging their children to eat their vegetables? With Chef Reed in charge, we would all be good boys and girls!

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