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I Took A Trip Around The UK

Well I did not technically travel across the pond. You see, I attended Central Market’s annual Passport event. Every year the Central Market team works tirelessly to execute a cultural experience for patrons and this year the focus was on the United Kingdom. This was my first Central Market Passport event and I envisioned seeing a few hints UK representation sprinkled here and there. I was way off on my assumption.

From September 19 through August 2, your closest Central Market store has been entirely transformed! The staff in each department attending training sessions to be well versed in their respective area. My family and I had a wonderful time weaving through the aisles, tasting the unique flavors and learning.

One things our family was fascinated to discover is the UK tradition of Royal warrants. Royal warrants have been issued for centuries to those who supply goods or services to a royal court or certain royal personages. The warrant enables the supplier to advertise the fact that they supply to the royal family, so just think of the marketing this particular title provides! In the United Kingdom, grants are currently made by the three most senior members of the British Royal Family.

To find Royal warrant products throughout Central Market, look underneath the coat of arms for the phrase "By Appointment to..." followed by the title and name of the royal customer. You could easily turn this search into a competitive game (with a glass of Old Engine Oil or ‘Skinny Prosecco’ in hand of course!).

Here’s the link to check out events at the store closest to you... cheers!

-Ashley M.

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