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Courson’s BBQ

Courson’s BBQ food trailer recently relocated from Bastrop, TX to the parking lot of Warehouse Billiard Bar (509 Ben White Blvd. Austin, TX 78745). Warehouse Billiard Bar has been open since 1984 (hey there, we are the same age!), is still in the hands of the original owner and iconic in South Austin for its huge landscape of billiards. The craftsman wood features throughout make you feel as though you are walking through a movie set. Friendly staff served our group quality drinks, football was played on the various screens and there was a constant sound of pool balls breaking. I was not there late enough to witness this, shocker, but Warehouse is also a karaoke bar.

The Courson’s pit master served our group three generous trays of featured menu items. Pork ribs, sausage, brisket, potato salad, beans, jalapeño cornbread waffles, pickles, onions, a variety of sauces, maple syrup, and of course, sliced white bread. Having participated in my usual Yelp creeping, I was most excited to try the cornbread waffles. They were a wonderful combination of sweet and heat and served as a perfect handheld meat vehicle. Add a little maple syrup and you’ve got yourself the Texas version of chicken and waffles!

Aside from the jalapeño cornbread waffles at Courson’s, our group gave the most notoriety to the pork ribs and potato salad. The ribs were so tender that they literally fell off the bone! The fat had been so well rendered that the outside was a perfect layer of smoky bark and the inside remained moist, yet I had zero fatty bites to discard. The potato salad is a vinegar and mustard base style as opposed to the creamy mayonnaise types. 

In the almost 5 years I have lived in Texas, I have learned the barbecue scene is insanely competitive (particularly in Austin). Unless you are delivering smoked meats and sides that wow your customers and gets folks talking, you simply will not last. Courson's BBQ is here to last! Our entire group of food bloggers is talking (possibly quite loudly, as we have a tendency to do) about how blown away we were by the entire spread. I highly recommend adding Courson's BBQ to your barbecue tour (and please, please order the ribs and potato salad)!

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