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I have a tattoo, but I am not rebellious.

Growing up in a conservative small town in Ohio, I was ultimately programmed to think tattoos were for ex cons, rockstars, and the general "rebellious" population. Moving to Austin, TX was a total shock to my system at first, but immediately fell in love with expressive fashion culture. 

This year marked the 10 year anniversary of my mom, Christine, passing away. I now wear her name proudly on my wrist as a reminder of her, my past and what I desire for my future. 

My mother parented honestly. There were no questions my sister and I asked that she would shy away from answering. She planted the seeds with my sister and I from the start that we could openly ask her questions free of judgement. She had a naturally quirky and unfiltered sense of humor which was adored by many.  My mother, Christine, was a phenomenal home cook. We grew up in a household free of Easy Mac or pre bottled salad dressings. Her meals created for our family were how she expressed love. Dinner time was spent at a fully set table and free of phone or television. During my younger years, as my father would drum over the details of his day at work, I was particularly bored, but as I aged I began to appreciate this family time that was free of life’s distractions. 

I wish my mother knew her true value as we saw it. She alone was a symbol of beauty not just a materialistic sense, but in her joy, her spirit, her love and her laughter. I wear my tattoo on my right wrist, my dominant hand, as a reminder to love and appreciate myself and the memories of my mother. 

As I reach out to shake hands with others, her name inscribed on my wrist reminds me to be bold and proud of who I am. If I am reaching for something toxic to me or my family’s well being, I am reminded to revisit my values. I am indeed not a rebel, but a woman who misses her mother, cherishes her past and strives to stay true to herself and her loved ones. 

Side note about my tattoo experience...

Pigment Tattoo & Laser Removal was incredible! I first scheduled a consultation with one of their artists before booking my tattoo appointment. I walked in terrified. I knew nothing about the process, chosing fonts, etc. Most of the clientele let alone the artists were completely covered in extremely intiquite art, so I felt a little silly for having so many questions for such a tiny tattoo. Tattoo artist,Tom Rein, took the time to answer every one of my questions in full detail and sent me home with a website to reference for font ideas.

After agonizing over fonts, I realized I liked a hodge podge of three different fonts. When I arrived to my appointment, Thom listened to my ideas and designed the exact image I desired. The studio was clean and everyone of their staff members was professional. I would highly recommend Pigment Tattoo & Laser Removal!

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