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Brunch Time at The Funkadelic

First, I need to make a confession. Brunch is still a relatively new concept to me. Did i just loose all my credibility? Hear me out first. During the time I lived in Ohio (which pretty much accounts for most of my life), brunch was simply not a big thing. A few higher end restaurants offered weekend fare and then of course you had your typical breakfast spots. Austin knows the brunch scene. Boozy brunches, post church brunches, brunches with your favorite bunches...of people. Get it? Nerd jokes aside, brunch in Austin is ,for most, a weekly ritual. 

The Funkadelic (located at 4715 South Lamar Blvd, Unit 101 A) is a well welcomed newbie to the Austin,TX brunch scene. The    restaurant’s motto is, “brunch for the masses.” Come one or come with all (yes, kiddos included). Local, made from scratch dishes without pretention is their niche.  

The restaurant has a large parking lot with extra parking if necessary in the attached plaza (next to Cane Rosso). Ordering is completed at the counter. While the kitchen works their magic, glassware for adult patrons and plastic cups for children are available at the water self service area. Once our food arrived at the table, my daughter and I both quickly became members of the clean plate club!

My daughter ordered the ‘Waffle Bites’ from the diverse children’s menu which to her delight came with the additional option of Nutella. I ordered the Toad in a Hole (Vital Farms egg cooked in a cutout hole of rye toast) which came with two sides. 

As much as I loved my brunch, I couldn’t help but stare at the menu with wandering eyes. With Papusas, Wood Smoked Vegetables, and Churros Waffles being offered, how can I revisit without trying another scratch made work of art from The Funkadelic?!

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