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5 Reasons to Train with the Roc...ASAP!

I’ve enjoyed (yes, enjoyed) excerice for a long time. Pre motherhood, exercise was my way to escape the work and family stress. At that time, I was running 4-7 miles at a time, participating in double or two a day fitness classes and exploring all the latest and greatest fitness methods I could get my hands on. Fertility was such a battle for me that I stopped my completely ended my intense fitness regimen and went for long walks instead. Once pregnant, via a painful IVF process, I was so protective of our little miracle baby that I still used walking as my cardio and a prenatal yoga dvd for strength. Once Olivia (miracle baby) was born, I focused solely on her nutrition and my c-section recovery for the first few months until I felt a bit more human again. My new mommy fitness routine was waking up at 5:30 am and alternating through my library of exercise dvd's (strength and cardio variations) until I felt strong enough to hit the pavement and run again.

I stuck with my dvd library (which has grown over the years) and an outdoor run routine, scheduling around my husbands travel schedule, for three years. Within the last year I joined a gym that offers childcare (can you hear angels singing?). One thing I’ve never lacked is motivation. My self-starter mentality and a laundry list of exscuses has always deterred me from working with a personal trainer.

This year, a whole new fitness challenge entered my world. My biggest problem is I am so consumed and invested in our home and family life that I do not have the time (although I am sure I could make some) or interest in myself that I once did. I still enjoy, yes enjoy, exercise, but mostly I just want to check the box. I want to feel strong and healthy, but I want to focus on my kid (who is growing up way too fast). I found myself showing up to the gym and entering whatever group fitness class was going on just so I could feel that exercise was accomplished during my day or go for a run before she wakes, so that I can be ready to play all day when she is awake.

Well, a month ago I met Coach Rocky. Rocky has been in the fitness industry for 14 years. His certifications include NASM CPT, ASFA CPT, TRX Level 1 Coach and Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified Nutrition Coach. I expressed to Coach Rocky that I wanted a more precise fitness plan that would force a cardio junkie like myself to consistently incorporate weight training. He quickly set up my account on the Trainerize app and developed a program derived from my current activity level. I am pretty sure that just after my short one month with Rocky, there's no turning back for me, he is stuck with me as his client!

5 Reasons I love working with Roc Fitness...

1. In the crazy world we live in, it feels good to have someone regurly tell you "good job," and mean it!

2. Instead of creeping on Pinterest workouts or researching new fitness DVD's in the evening, I've been able to spend quality time with my husband (and sometimes not quality by binging on Game of Thrones).

3. My gym time is still "me time" without some pesky, flirty or arrogant trainer following me around the gym making awkward small talk along the way.The app tells me exactly what to do (video tutorials included) and even has a built in timer which is helpful during timed moves like planks.

4. The app can sync with My Fitness Pal, so Coach Rocky can see the food you eat (thankfully he is not judgemental!) and he is able to make helpful suggestions.

5. We like to travel...A LOT and Coach Rocky has been extremely supportive with creating workouts I can use on the road depending on what equipment is available. He even created a bodyweight only routine I was able to use during our weekend camping trip!

Here's a sneak peak into my first month's schedule with Rocky:

Monday- Workout A (elbow plank, cable kneeling woodchopper, dumbell bench press, goblet squat, dumbell walking lunges, wide grip lat pulldown, jumping jacks and mountain climbers)

Tuesday- elliptical or spin class

Wednesday- Workout B (V ups, side plank, dumbell shoulder press, romanian barbell dead lifts, cable seated row, dumbbell step ups, kettlebell swings and high knee run

Thursday- cycling

Friday- Workout B (see above)

Saturday- so far during this beginning phase this has been my choice (hooray!)

Sunday- REST and enjoy the day with my family

You can live anywhere in the world and work with Coach Rocky. Visit here to start your new routine!

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