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Houston Store Expanding in the Austin Market Has Tails Wagging

Austin area pets' tails are wagging as Natural Pawz pet store is now expanding in the Austin market. Natural Pawz is a pet store that provides customers with affordable, wholesome foods and education.

I stumbled upon Natural Pawz one day running errands before picking my daughter up from school. We switched our Chinese Crested to a natural diet shortly after adopting him and have seen a huge benefit in his teeth, skin and energy level. Since our big move from Ohio to Texas, I had been ordering Noah's food online until I experienced what it was like to be a Natural Pawz customer. Not only is the food I typically purchased for Noah less expensive than online, but I actually enjoy stopping into the store. I appreciate my interactions with staff members because they provide great nutrition tips and recommendations and offer a reward program (buy ten and get one free!).

Natural Pawz owners, Biff and Nadine, stay current on product research and trends to make sure they consistently provide customers with the best options. For example, you may have noticed one of the latest trends in the pet food industry is grain free. What you may not have noticed is some food companies are swapping grains for high glycemic index potato, resulting in an increase in diabetes requiring insulin as a remedy. Biff and Nadine have opted to stock their stores instead with foods that contain tapioca or chickpea. Natural Pawz also only carries products free of corn, wheat and soy biproducts and stear clear of food made in China.

So, how did Natural Pawz begin? Biff and Nadine, both held positions in high tech when they decided to adopt their first dog, Callie. Callie suffered from severe allergies and Biff and Nadine were advised the best treatment plan for her was regularly scheduled shots. Luckily for Callie, her loving parents did research and decided to switch her to an all natural diet. This husband and wife team noticed a remarkable change in Callie's behavior and appearance in just one month. Parents of Callie's dog park playmates noticed the difference too and frequently asked Biff and Nadine what they had done to create such a noticeable improvement.

The duo recognized a real need for pet nurtition, found a distributor to purchase natural food from and got to work improving pet's lives around town. The original company, Texas Canines, was operated from their home. Biff and Nadine spent their days working their full time jobs and set out to deliver nutritious grub to pet owners in the Houston area. Business kept booming for the couple and they realized a true passion for helping pets and pet owners. The team opened their first retail location and changed the name to Natural Pawz, which now has 17 locations Houston and 4 (and growing) in Austin. Their most recent location to open is in Hutto and by the end of 2017 a new storefront will be open in Georgetown.

Biff and Nadine only hire employees that are passionate about pets and then provide a six month initial training process along with continuous product training. Every product that hits the shelves of Natural Pawz has gone through a rigourous analysis. The owners meet with company nutritionalists, research company's product sourcing by meeting with procurement teams and physically visit the site of manufacturing to ensure quality standards are being met.

What I really loved about meeting with Biff and Nadine was seeing how humble they are despite their continued success. The two giggle that the company is not really theirs. According to them the true owners are their late pets Callie, Lucky and Joey and current pets, Ace, Sydney and Harold. They have also gone through great lengths to give back to the Houston community. Most recently, during the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey Natural Pawz donated the food from their warehouse to the shelters and provided food for Police canines that came to Houston to help with search and rescue. They have also provided firehouses in the Houston area with oxygen masks for pets and are starting to do the same in Austin.

I highly encourage you to step into a Natural Pawz store the next time your furry baby needs food. You will be amazed by what a difference a natural diet can make. Oh, and a little secret, the store will provide curbside service to you if you have human babies in the car to make your errands easier!

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