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Forbidden Rice Bowl with Peanut Sauce

Have you ever tried dry frying your tofu? It takes a little time, but is delicious and grease free!

Bowl ingredients:

1 cup black rice, rinsed (I use a strainer like this)

1 3/4 cup vegetable broth

Salt to taste

1 container firm tofu (preferably non GMO), sliced in cubes

Chopped carrots, broccoli and cauliflower


1. Combine black rice, broth and salt in the bowl of a rice cooker and cook on the whole grain setting.

2. Place tofu cubes on a paper towel or tea towel and place another on top. Use another plate to press down evenly on the tofu to drain excess water.

3. Heat a large skillet over medium heat. Place half of the drained tofu cubes onto the skillet. Sear each side for about two minutes. You can use a fork to easily flip them to a new side every few minutes. Remove tofu from the skillet once you have seared all sides and set aside. Repeat with the other half of tofu cubes.

4. Make the peanut sauce (see below).

5. Steam the veggies in an electric steamer enough that they are cooked, but still al dente.

Peanut Sauce

*This makes a large batch which you can use again for satay, bahn mi or more bowl creations. Sauce will stay fresh in an airtight container for one week or in the freezer for one month.

Ingredients: One 13.5-ounce can of full-fat, unsweetened coconut milk ¼ cup of Thai red curry paste ¾ cup unsweetened (natural) creamy peanut butter ½ tablespoon salt

1/3cup agave syrup 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar or white vinegar ½ cup water

Instructions: 1. Put everything into a medium heavy-bottomed pot and bring to a gentle boil over medium heat, whisking constantly. 2. Let the mixture simmer for 3-5 minutes over low heat; be careful not to let the mixture scorch at the bottom of the pot. 3. Take the pot off the heat, let the sauce cool down to room temperature (or slightly warmer).

Bowl Assembly:

1. Scoop an even layer of forbidden rice onto the bottom of a bowl.

2. Top rice with steamed veggies and dry fried tofu. Serve with sauce on the side or on top. Enjoy!

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