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Warpath Pints and Pizza

Warpath Pints and Pizza, located at 1116 E Palm Valley Blvd. in Round Rock, TX, is the newest pizza spot to open in this north Austin, TX suburb. Warpath owner has lots of experience with the Austin food truck scene, but this is his first brick and mortar. The chef, owner and friends worked together to create unique pizza combinations that please different taste buds. If you peruse the menu and struggle to find a pizza that screams your name (which I doubt will happen!), you can create your own pie with a wide array of sauces, cheeses and toppings. 

While we did take our daughter there for an early Thursday night dinner, I would not say Warpath is the most family friendly since it has the smell of stale cigarette smoke and vibe of a late night hangout. However, our waitress was extremely accommodating to our daughter and ourselves and the food is legit. 

We started with an appetizer sampler of sorts so that we could try the garlic knots, fried veggies and mozzarella sticks. All items were delicious, but the mozzarella sticks are really something to scream about! They make these bad boys in house and you can really tell. We agonized over which specialty pizza to try since there were several that tempted us, but decided to go with the 'White Album.' The White Album is olive oil, garlic white sauce, ricotta, yukon potato and carmelized onion. The crust came out perfectly crispy and the flavor was incredible. 

I really hope Warpath builds regular customers and business grows for them as it's always neat to see local business. I think if they can create a better family atmosphere, expand their wine list and add some healthy fare to the menu they could be on their way to success!

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