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Next time you're in Westerville, Ohio you need to try...

This past weekend our family visited family and friends in Columbus, Ohio where we lived before our big move to the Lone Star State. Every time we go back to visit, we get to explore new restaurants and shops and this past trip I really hit the jackpot! My mother in law and I have a relatively new tradition of a "girls date" where she and I escape for a few hours to "chitty chat" as she calls it. This time she said we HAD to go to Asterisk Supper Club in Uptown Westerville which is a suberb of Columbus.

For me, Asterisk was love at first sight! The owners cut no corners designing the interior. I really felt like i was transported back in time to a secret scholarly hangout. The wooden shelves are stocked with books, the bar was part of an old movie set and the layout of the room cleverly creates a unique atmosphere.

One of Asterisk's employees, Kelli, was tending bar during our visit and immediately engaged us in conversation. She was so much fun to chat with! My mother in law and I asked Kelli several questions about Asterisk, the ownership, the menu and the house made simple syrups she was concocting. What was clear throughout our entire conversation was her passion for working there. Kelli giggled while she described Asterisk as, "craft cocktails and comfort food. You're gonna wanna come and you're gonna wanna take a nap after you leave."

Asterisk offers craft beer, wine by the glass and bottle in addition to their inspired cocktails. The supper and brunch menus are elevated comfort food done right. In addition to making adults happy, Asterisk offers a 'Prince and Princess Menu' for children 12 and under. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate a family friendly spot that also offers delicious cuisine! Apparently, in the past they have even hosted a tea party themed Birthday event complete with Princess Belle!

The owners of Asterisk are also the owners of Westerville's ever popular Sunny Street Cafe and rumor has it will be opening a new restaurant concept in downtown Columbus, Ohio called Ampersand.

Whether you're headed out for a date night or afternoon tea with your little one, I encourage you to give Asterisk a try!

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