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Pack Your Own Food for Your Next Flight

Although airport food has improved over the years, it is still crazy expensive and typically not that healthy or fresh. Even though it involves a little prep, I prefer to pack our family's food. After we cram our carry on bag with a baby doll, a blanket, iPads, headphones, etc. our space is usually limited, so I opt for foods that do not require an ice pack.

Some of my favorites are:

1. PB & J sandwich (our daughter will not eat jelly so we just make a sandwich with this)

2. hummus packs and veggies (snap peas, baby carrots, jicama, mini peppers)

3. individual almond butter pouch (Justins or Barney) with banana, apple or rice thins

4. nuts

5. jerkey (beef, turkey, salmon or vegan)

6. canned salmon/tuna with crackers

7. beet chips

8. roasted seaweed

9. bars (whatever ones your family likes)

10. Fruit: grapes, apples, oranges, bananas

11. Freeze dried fruit (apples, mango, peaches, etc)

12. Moon Cheese

13. Enlightened brand roasted bean crips

14. an item of bribery if things get REAL with your little during travel (my hubby and I refer to this as Mommy's emergency stash)


*pack forks

*pack a little baggy you can use for trash

*pack empty water bottles to fill at water stations once you have cleared security checkpoints

*usually space is limited, so I try and pack in as much protein and nutrient dense foods

*these bags rock and are handy to have along with you for trips

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