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Snack Dinner

I just love that snack dinners are trendy right now. I'll admit before this was a thing, I felt guilty serving my family the odds and ends from our refrigerator with an assortment of random crackers. That is why am definitely embracing this trend. I love positioning cheese, meat, vegetables, fruits and nuts on a stylish board and calling it a night! Plus, I have NEVER heard a kid complain about snack dinner, have you?

There really is no "recipe" for this, but here are some elements of inspiration:

Cheese- I typically grab about three small pieces of cheese from the scraps bin at HEB (one soft, one bitey and one firm but smooth), in the photo I sliced up Manchego (Spanish goat cheese), brie and drizzled fresh mozarella with a balsamic glaze

Meat- I am a sucker for prosscuitto since it pairs so nicely with cheese and fruit, but you can use lox, salami or pancetta

Dip- normally I use hummus, but this week I had leftover shallot and plain Greek yogurt in the fridge which inspired me to make homemade French onion dip

Crackers- it's fun to mix up shapes, sizes, flavors and textures. Trader Joe's has an excellent selcetion! We love Trader Joe's Rosemary Raisen crackers with Brie. They also have several gluten free options.

Veggies- tonight I added petite peppers, sliced endive, petitie carrots, grape tomatoes and blanched broccolini*

Nuts- I am a total sucker for Marcona almonds, but in the past we've used pistachios or smoked almonds

Fruit- this photo shows grapes and sliced pears, I opt for whatever is in season

*Blanching- submerse vegetable in a pot of boiling water and cook for 1 minute. Drain the vegetables and immediately submerse in an ice water bath to stop the cooking process.

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