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drop it low with G FUSION FITNESS

G Fusion Fitness studio is located at 1821 Westinghouse Rd. in Georgetown, TX and owned by three incredibly talented and passionate women. Danielle Whatley, Nicole Giannelli and Caitlin Hill connected years ago at their original studio. The team's vision was to create a boutique fitness experience that's vibrant, yet produtive and makes women excited to attend. This vision of theirs motivated the dynamic trio to relocate to Westinghouse Rd. and customize their space. (Just wait until you see it!)

I stumbled upon G Fusion Fitness one Saturday morning when my husband offered to take our daughter out on a "date," so that I could have some "Ashley" time. Once a month, G Fusion Fitness offers an 11am Hip Hop Yoga class at Rentsch Brewery in Georgetown, TX. When the Hip Hop yoga event popped up on my Facebook feed, I quickly followed the link and purchased a one class pass to attend! I'll be honest, I was at first skeptical and even YouTubed "hip hop yoga" to see what I was getting myself into. Once I arrived at Rentsch, Danielle and Nicole both greeted me with big smiles and offered bottles of water. We all setup our yoga mats on the shaded patio and despite the typical Texas summer heat, it felt refreshing to excercise outside. The moves were cleaverly choreographed to music that varied from throw back to current hip hop tracks. The hour long class was challenging without being intimidating and the instructors were energetic.

I found myself giggling during class because for anyone who knows me knows I lack in the coordination department, so me attempting to drop my booty low and twerk was hysterical. Oddly enough,  I instantly felt comfortable even though every one there was a new face to me. Oh, and as a bonus after class you get a beer! Even better yet, my husbad packed a picnic and he and our daughter came to Rentsch once class was over for lunch under their beautiful oak tree.

My hip hop yoga experience with G Fusion Fitness really sums up what the owners want to accomplish, which is a lighthearted fitness environment. What delighted me the most when I had the chance to talk with G Fusion's creators was the pride they take in the community they are building. In just the short time their new studio location has been open, women have been able to connect with one another. The studio offers a space to meet new friends and create lasting bonds while achieving personal fitness goals. 

In addition to Hip Hop Yoga, G Fusion Fitness also offers Aerial Yoga, Weight Work, HIIT, Booty Barre, Piyo and a Fusion Class that gives you a little bit of weights, cardio and toning. You can head to their website for a full class schedule and class descriptions, but also be sure to follow the Facebook page as they frequently post client appreciation events and special promotions.

So, how should you prepare for your first visit to to G Fusion Fitness? These gals really know what they're doing when it comes to each class, so all you need to do is show up with an open mind, ready to work, laugh, smile and sweat. You can book your first class now here!

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