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Collard Wrap Breakfast Burrito

Are those my daughter's leftover Alexia french fries in my burrito? Yes indeed they are! I'm all about using what we already have in our refrigerator and pantry to make delicious creations. What I loved most about this burrito was that it felt completely glutinous, but wasn't the gut bomb of a typical burrito.

Makes 2 Collard Wrap Burritos


4 large collard green leaves

4 eggs, beaten

4 strips of bacon

Leftover Alexia Foods french fries (sweet potato would be awesome!)

Optional toppings: hot sauce, salsa, shredded cheese


Collard leaves-

1. Separate the leaves and spray each one with vegetable wash like this one...

2. Rinse the leaves with water and give them a little rub down to make sure they are thoroughly clean.

3. Pat them completely dry with paper towels or a kitchen towel.

Bacon- last year I discovered this bacon tray and it has been a life saver!

1. Place for strips of bacon on the tray and cook them in the microwave for 4 minutes (1 minute per strip).

2. Remove the strips from the tray and place them a paper towel lined plate to dry. That's it! No grease flying all over your kitchen or burning your arms and face, plus the tray is dishwasher safe.


1. Heat skillet to medium heat.

2. Grease the skillet with coconut oil cooking spray.

3. Scramble your eggs in the skillet by using a rubber spatula (like this one!). This will save your pan from getting scratched.


1. Lay one large collard leaf on a plate.

2. Top the lead with bacon, a few fries, shredded cheese (if desired) and half of the scrambled eggs.

3. Drizzle the eggs, bacon and fries with ranchera salsa. HEB makes this one fresh daily. It's delicious and inexpensive!

4. Top the burrito with the second leaf, fold in the sides and roll it up like a traditional burrito. Use toothpicks to hold the wrap together and cut it in half.

Serve immediately.

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