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Kiss "summer menu" goodbye

Are you thinking, "what the heck is summer menu?" Essentially, summer menu meant two to three loosely planned meals (e.g. grilled fish, a veg and fresh baguette) and the rest of the week we ate when and what fit our schedule. If we were going to stay late at the pool, we packed salads, and if we were at a baseball game, I threw individal hummus packs, nuts, crackers and veggies in my purse (yea I know I'm that weird lady with food in her purse). We also traveled, A LOT, so many meals were out. Basically, I took the summer off from the kitchen and PLAYED! ...and created a website :)

Well, as of August 18 my daughter is offiially back in school. My husband was traveling the entire week and tired of eating out. I was home all week and tired of eating in. So what do I put on the menu? Crockpot dinner. Why? Because then we get to leave the house for happy hour somewhere and return home to a cooked meal. The Slow Cooker White Bean Chicken Chile Verde was seriously good (and preschooler approved).

I initially purchased this cookbook as a gift, but once I flipped through the pages I could not let it out of my sight. I even added another one of her delicious recipes for this week's menu!

****I have to give my sister credit for one of our summer menu items. Every ingredient in the dip is from Trader Joes and it's satisfying, vegetarian and kinda covers the major food groups, or something. Anyway, we loved it! One Friday night we packed a cooler and went to Rock 'N River waterpark in Round Rock and this dip, crackers and raw veggies were my dinner. Done and DONE!

Elisa's Genius Dip:

1 container crumbled Feta Cheese

1 jar of Bruschetta (in the aisle near the mustards)

1 box of steamed lentils (in the refrigerated section)

Mix all the ingredients and dip away!

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