October 9, 2019

Can I just start by saying the Alaska Disney Cruise is the Olympics of packing. We indeed needed 4 pieces of full size luggage which was our family’s first. I’m blessed to have a husband that recognizes and appreciates all the work and planning that goes into trips bef...

May 27, 2019

I’m kicking my younger self that thought SAHMs (stay at home moms) did yoga all day, went for spa treatments and shopped to fill their free time. I was indeed young and kinda clueless about just how hard moms of school age children work!

A little insight to my typical s...

December 15, 2017

Did you love making gingerbread houses as a kid? I always imagined what it would be like to be inside the house I built. Truth be told that as a child my mom would purchase cookies, crackers and candies that we would sloppily “glue” our edible decor onto cardboard with...

September 7, 2017

Although airport food has improved over the years, it is still crazy expensive and typically not that healthy or fresh. Even though it involves a little prep, I prefer to pack our family's food. After we cram our carry on bag with a baby doll, a blanket, iPads, headpho...

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