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We were visiting a local brewery months ago and saw a group of people assembling these sandwiches. I awkwardly went over to their table to ask what they were eating because I could not stop staring... and drooling! We wanted to make these for a football game day so badly, but it was not until this week when I found the exact cut I wanted at Costco. Hubs had been traveling all week, it was raining outside and I was pumped to welcome him home to this comfort meal.

I served the sandwiches with a basic Italian style coleslaw and whole roasted cauliflower. I like to make sure we are always offering servings of veggies to the kiddos and these sides seemed like simple options that also meshed well with the flavor of the sandwiches. What would you serve along with these sandwiches? Drop me a note.... info@feedthishouse.com


3 lb tri-tip, roast

2 cloves garlic, crushed

1/2 tsp dried rosemary

1/2 tsp dried thyme

1/2 tsp pepper

1 tsp sea salt

2 cups beef broth

2 tbsp Worcestershire sauce

sliced provolone cheese

Bolillos rolls or baguette


1. Combine salt, pepper, thyme, rosemary and garlic and rub all over tri-tip.

2. Place trl-tip in slow cooker. Add broth and Worcestershire sauce into slow cooker, being careful not to pour directly over top of tri-tip (it would wash the seasoning off).

3. Cook on low for 6-7 hours or until meat is tender.

4. You can shred the meat with a fork or slice into thin, tender strips then return to the slow cooker, so that it rests in the juice until use (you can also use the broth to dip while enjoying sandwiches).

5. Place meat on a sliced roll or baguette and top with provolone cheese then place in oven to broil on low for about 5 minutes or until the cheese is melted and bun is slightly toasted.


Notes: you could spread mayo on the bun also, but we did not find this necessary. You could also top the sandwich with grilled onions and peppers if you prefer more Philly cheesesteak style

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  • Ashley M.

Ever since I can remember, I have been in love with salads. Believe it or not, as a child I was an extremely picky eater and the only thing I would order at restaurants was a side salad with Italian dressing. Fast forward to the Ashley I am now and I will literally eat anything. I LOVE trying new foods, but I also still obsess over salads and overall it's what my body craves.

When we first moved from Columbus, Ohio to Austin, Texas I missed family and my go to salads. I was in search of an Austin city guide for greens which did not exist, until I published my very own last year. This is now an annual tradition I enjoy tackling one leaf at a time. And now for the list of the favorite salads I tried in Austin during 2019...

1. Spread & Co.-Persimmon N' Blue North Austin (also known as Squash N' Blue depending on the season)- mixed greens, roasted persimmon, blue cheese and.... everything seasoning! I am team everything seasoning and the restaurant incorporating it in this salad is a stroke of genius.

2. Épicerie ‘Salmon & Kale Salad’ North Austin - sliced apple, french lentils, salmon, avocado and massaged kale resting on a bed of whipped cashew cream, this salad is rich and very satisfying

3. Citizens Eatery 'Vegan Paleo Bowl with Grilled Tofu' North Austin - It's hard to go wrong with your order in this vegetarian cafe as everything the kitchen makes is delightful. This bowl is listed as an entrée and consists of brussels sprouts, cauliflower, sweet potatoes , spring mix, roasted pecans, and tahini dressing- very fresh and filling!

4. Curcuma 'Kitchari Bowl' East Austin- this food truck is serving an Ayurvedic diet staple, but swapping the rice for quinoa. Kitchari is used as a cleansing food as it is nutrient dense (providing complete protein) and easy for our bodies to digest. Don't let all the healthy talk turn you off though, this bowl is as delicious as it is nutritious.


5. Kebab Shop 'Greek Salad w/ Carved Lamb and Beef' North Austin- I absolutely love Mediterranean food and quite honestly at the Kebab Shop you could top this salad with carved chicken or falafel and it would be equally as good. This California native fast casual restaurant dishes up some seriously delicious eats.

Kebab Shop Austin, TX

6. High Note 'Kale Salad w/ Tofu' South Austin- with this salad you can opt for several protein options and the chef recommends salmon which I am sure is equally as yummy. What I loved most about this salad was the contrast in textures between the massaged kale and the the puffed rice.

High Note

7. Hideaway Kitchen & Bar 'Power Greens' South Austin- Chef Bryan is wildly talented so be prepared to be completely dazzled when you dine here. I fell in love with this bowl because it was satisfying, full of flavor and nutritious.

Hideaway Kitchen and Bar

8. Nate’s Baked Goods 'Chicken Salad' and 'Golden Beets Salad' Central Austin- this isn't really a traditional salad choice, but salad IS in the name and both are so well made. I highly recommend making these items a part of your next picnic.

Nate's Baked Goods

9. Pinthouse Pizza (Round Rock location only) 'Sundance Salad' Round Rock- arugula, roasted cauliflower (this is the money ingredient!), candied pecans, golden raisins, Parmesan cheese, and house made lemon dressing are served casually on a tray. We are so in love with this salad! You could add chicken and make this an entrée order, but we usually share this salad along with a pizza as our meal. The hazy IPA's aren't too shabby either ;).

Pinthouse Pizza Round Rock, TX

10. Malibu Poké Central Austin- create your own. I love best about Malibu Poké because the shop offers unique bases like kale and riced cauliflower. You can truly make your bowl a salad topped with the freshest poké seafood in town.

11. Oz Tap House 'BBQ Chicken' and 'Fried Avocado' West Austin- these are no wimpy salads. Ladies and gentlemen these salads arrive to your table in a large metal mixing bowl and are sure to satisfy even the biggest of appetites (I ate them during the height of breastfeeding our son, so I know this to be true).

Oz Tap House

12. Ski Shores Cafe 'Asian Crunch Salad' West Austin- for the longest time we only went to Ski Shores for drinks, atmosphere and a place where our daughter could enjoy the playscape. One day I finally ordered this salad and now I am hooked! The flavors are phenomenal and you can even order it with grilled shrimp instead of fried shrimp if you're gluten sensitive.

Ski Shores Cafe

13. Bar Peached 'Wafu Salad' Central Austin - arugula and Thai basil tossed with the restaurant's 'wafu' salad dressing which I can best describe as having an umami flavor is the best way to start your meal. When we dine at Bar Peached we like to order several dishes and share and every single time we start our adventure with this salad (it balances out all the bingsu we dig into later....right?!).

Bar Peached Austin, TX

14. Bento Picnic 'Chopped Chicken Salad' East Austin- this Austin spot has gained such popularity for it's ready made healthy meals. You can order for local delivery or swing by the shop which makes it a perfect option for busy lifestyles. This salad was recently added to the menu and I am all about it!

Bento Picnic

15. 600 Degrees Pizzeria 'Greek Salad with Chicken' Georgetown- yes this is a pizza place, but I am also a big fan of the chicken here (don't even get me started on the dry rub ranch wings)! I always order this salad with the Greek dressing however, I recommend also asking for a side of ranch dressing. The ranch dressing is house made and one of the very best I have ever had.

600 Degrees Pizzeria

16. Phonatic Vietnamese 'Salad Bowl with Tofu and Vegetables' various locations- I fell head over heels for Phonatic this year and legitimately crave their entire menu on a regular basis, but if you're looking for a fast casual salad this baby has it all. You can opt for any of their flavorful protein options (tofu, shrimp, chicken thigh, chicken breast, pork shoulder, pork chops, lemongrass beef or fish), but I love the crispiness and spiciness of their tofu.

Phonatic Vietnamese

17. Second Bar + Kitchen 'Roasted Beet and Citrus Salad' North Austin- this salad is more filling that I thought it would be and seriously refreshing. The roasted beets and citrus segments are also tossed with goat cheese and marcona almonds.

Second Bar + Kitchen

18. Hanks 'Chopped Black Kale Salad' North Austin- if you would ever like to win me over, please deliver this kale salad from Hank's topped with their wood grilled salmon and I'll gladly oblige to any request you toss my way. The shallot vinaigrette flavor and the texture of the breadcrumbs are heavenly.

Hanks Austin

19. Rebel Cheese 'Not Quite Cobb Salad' East Austin- this vegan eatery is new to Austin, TX and winning over even the meatiest of meat lovers. This salad is hearty and has all the elements you crave of a traditional Cobb salad, but with a vegan approach.I swooned over the crumbled vegan blue cheese and crispy chickpeas.

Rebel Cheese

20. Paperboy 'Greens and Grains Salad with Egg' East Austin- I just HAD to add an egg to this salad because it's from Paperboy after all . I would say in categories of different salad types I would categorize the style of this one more as a side dish, however with the egg it definitely served as a refreshing lunch. Olives and za'atar give these greens a true Mediterranean kick.

Paperboy Austin

Have a salad you would like me to try? Send a note to info@feedthishouse.com. I welcome all suggestions!

-Ashley M.

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Every year when the holiday season rolls around, I want to make sure we’re making lasting memories for our kiddos. Yes, we have our traditions and usually a few out of town guests visiting, but what I really yearn for is quality family time. Sometimes in our own homes we get lost in the chores and the busyness of tasks, it's nice to step away from all the distractions. And let me be perfectly honest because I am a mom and also a human being...convenience is the ultimate luxury.

Our recent staycation at Archer Hotel Austin was everything we needed and more!

Archer Hotel Austin pays attention to every single detail to make sure its' guests feel welcome and pampered. The hotel also houses one of my most favorite Austin, TX restaurants, Second Bar + Kitchen. So that you know exactly what kind of memorable experience you can create at Archer Hotel Austin, let me break down the play by play...

Check in/arrival

-We pulled up to Archer Hotel Austin greeted by valet service and a hotel bellman with a cart. Within a matter of minutes our car and our children were unloaded with minimal effort on our behalf.

-We entered the lobby which was decked in beautiful holiday and were greeted by the front desk who handed us our room key, explained the amenities of the property (including daily happy hour at Second Bar + Kitchen from 3pm-6pm) and even let our daughter pick a prize from their treasure box.

-If you book your room direct through Archer Hotel, you are given a 'Destination Joker' card which is an amenity card to apply towards your stay. Plus if you use code FEEDTHISHOUSE when you book, you will get 15% off your stay!

-Our luggage was brought up to our room by a friendly bellman who was extremely knowledgeable about the property and nearby attractions.

-We explored the room and freaked out! The 'Den Suite' is luxury and consists of a huge living space, microwave, wine refrigerator, Nespresso machine, stocked bar with glassware, bottle openers, etc., board games and a large mounted TV with access to premium channels. The bedroom of the 'Den Suite' has a king size bed, chic sitting chair, walk in closet, large mounted TV, plentiful storage space, large desk and a huge wrap around balcony overlooking Domain Northside and the Texas inspired hotel pool. The bathroom of the suite has a spacious walk-in shower and a bathtub large enough for two adults to soak side by side. We were also in awe of the bathroom wall that was adorned with vibrant native bluebonnets.

-All rooms and suites offer complimentary WiFi and access to Second Bar + Kitchen room service plus welcome waters and handmade salted caramels.

Time to explore

-Our daughter wanted to walk the lobby grand staircase and gaze at the chandelier. We also spent time playing poolside and despite it not being pool weather, the patio space has comfortable seating and large TV screens, so it made for a nice hangout space.

-We walked to the many stores within a mile radius and shopped! Olivia got to shop and play at Lush which is her absolute favorite store, I got to peruse Nordstrom and we all got to discuss what we have in mind for our Christmas lists this year.

-We played tag in the open turfed play space and enjoyed the many Christmas displays within Domain Northside.

Dinner time

-We dined that evening at Second Bar + Kitchen within Archer Hotel Austin. We had some delicious cocktails, food and the service was simply amazing. Our server even brought a bowl of fresh berries for Olivia and Max to snack on.

Hit the town

-After dinner we walked to the nightly light show at the Domain which consisted of more than 82,000 lights and 2,200 strobes dancing to holiday music (in between Dick's Sporting Goods and Dillard's).

-We ran around the turf area, Olivia went up and down the slide countless times and we enjoyed being together while listening to holiday music in the open air.

-When we got back to the hotel we wanted to enjoy our few last moments of fresh Texas night air, so we played on the pool patio some more.

Bedtime laughs

-A Twister board game was in our room, so after we put baby Max to bed for the evening we let Olivia stay up with us and play for a little while. We played Twister and once our order of evening milk and cookies arrived we put on a Christmas movie and enjoyed some family snuggles in our jammies before the night was over.

-Once both kiddos were sleeping, Scott and I had the living space to enjoy some alone time together. We sipped wine, snuggled up on the couch with the soft blanket that was provided in the room and sipped some wine.

Morning routine

-I was able to walk to a hot yoga class at Wanderlust yoga which is my absolute favorite studio in Austin, TX. My husband utilized the fitness room at the hotel and was amazed by the selection of weights and Peloton bikes.

-The kiddos stayed in their jammies all morning and we enjoyed the most incredible room service breakfast spread from Second Bar + Kitchen.

-Scott and I had the most luxurious morning showers and loved the complimentary Malin+Goetz bath products. Olivia took a mermaid soak in the tub using her Lush bath bomb we purchased the day before.

Check out

-I texted our valet and our car was brought right out, we hopped right in and we were off to our next adventure.

-We were sad to say goodbye to our oasis, but we created the most incredible holiday memories together!

-Thank you Archer Hotel Austin for an unforgettable experience!

I highly recommend treating you and your family to a staycation (or if you are from out of town booking at your travel destination) at Archer Hotel Austin. The hotel itself is luxurious, your stay will place you within walking distance from some of the most amazing eating and shopping Austin, TX has to offer, also it's a reprieve from house chores...can I get an amen to that?! Plus by booking direct through the Archer Hotel website you can save 15% using code FEEDTHISHOUSE.


Ashley M.

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