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Casual Food:

600 Degrees Pizzeria (124 East 8th Streat Georgetown, TX 78626)- my favorite pizza in town! You can order a full specialty or create your own pie, grab by the slice as big as your head or chow down on the best wings. The beer and wine list is always changing and is sure to please conoseuirs. Seating is first come, first serve and on weekends the restaurant gets pretty busy.

600 Market Place (114 E 7th Ave. Georgetown, TX 78626) - the perfect place for grab and go before heading to the square to enjoy the sights. Sub, salads, wings and pasta are on the menu in additional to grab and go drinks.

Barrel and Amps (718 S Austin Ave. Georgetown, TX 78626)- this spot could easily also fall in the evening out category as its the perfect place to end an evening and enjoy live music, but the food is not to be overlooked. The fish and chips, burger and desserts are by far my favorite items on the menu.

Mikey V’s Hot Sauce Shop (112 W 8th St. Georgetown, TX 78626)- hot sauce shop in the front and party in the back, this is a must visit! Mikey V’s opened his hot sauce shop years ago and prides himself in offering a curated selection of sauce. Mikey recently expanded his shop and is bringing the authentic vibe of a Mexican street taco to the square. Inside tables are all stand up casual, but there are also tables on the back patio. Have you ever had a Burris taco? It’s a must here and don’t skip the consume.

Fuego Latino Gastropub (708 S Austin Ave. Georgetown, TX 78626)- the husband and wife team behind this restaurant are impressing patrons left and right with authentic Latin flavors. I have sampled Cuban sandwiches all over and have never had one as delightful as Chef Jorge Alcocer’s.

Sweet Lemon Kitchen (812 S. Church Street Georgetown, TX 78626)- this is the place to go if you’re meeting a friend for breakfast/lunch and casual conversation. Something about Sweet Lemon that makes you feel at home. Everything in this kitchen is made from scratch and even those who aren’t as salad obsessed as me will go crazy over their house lemon salad dressing.

El Monumento (205 W 2nd St Georgetown, TX 78626)- this restaurant is gorgeous and perfect for bringing out of town visitors. The margarita, chips and guacamole are freakishly addicting. We consider El Monumento to be a higher end Mexican restaurant but also a great happy hour spot and family friendly.

District Six (105 W 9th St. Georgetown, TX 78626)- another newbie to the square is this family friendly arcade and sports bar.The menu is casual and playful and it's truly a great spot to watch a game.

Tejas Meat Supply (101 E 7th St. Georgetown, TX 78626)- think tailgate party inside of a butcher shop and that pretty much summarizes Tejas. The menu is all casual sandwiches, the bar is full service and the butcher shop features fresh cuts from sustainable Texas ranches.

2020 Scratch Kitchen & Bar (1500 Rivery Blvd. #1100)- I always have a latest salad obsession and lately it's been from 2020 Scratch Kitchen. I like the casual atmosphere and large menu and honestly have loved every bite I've tasted.

Nancy's Sky Garden (103 N Austin Ave. Georgetown, TX 78626)- this is always a go to craving of mine when my body is craving wholesome, fresh food. There are tons of vegan and gluten free options on the menu and the sweet potato noodles are a must try item.

BiG Cafe- Brookwood (905 N Church St. Georgetown, TX 78626)- BiG is a vocational community that provides meaningful work for adults with special needs. The cafe is a small part of a work they do, but I highly recommended making a visit. The food is all very fresh, incredibly tasty and the service is simply awesome.

Grab a drink:

Black Sugar Coffee (109 W 7th St #105 Georgetown, TX 78626)- I often bring my laptop and settle into this place. The seating is cozy, the Americanos are delightful and the staff is super friendly. In the evenings, tapas, wine and beer are also available.

Mesquite Creek Outfitters (704 South Austin Ave. Georgetown, TX 78626)- half apparel and half bar... yes, it works! If you’re looking to be a true part of Georgetown life, Mesquite is the place.

Barking Armadillo (507 River Bend Drive Georgetown, TX 78628)- this brewery opened a little over a year ago and has quite a following. The team brews a wide array of styles, is constantly enhancing the patio space, hosting unique events and most days you’ll find a rotating food truck on site. I highly recommend following this place on Instagram as the team is excellent at keeping its audience informed on all the brewery happenings.

Rentsch Brewery ( 2500 NE Inner Loop Ste 3105 Georgetown TX 78626)- this is the brewery we go to on weather perfect days because the fenced in outdoor space is great. The brewery often has rotating food trucks and live music.

Night out:

Golden Rule (606 S Church St. Georgetown, TX 78626)- the square never had a true cocktail spot until Golden Rule opened. The patio is a great spot to catch up with friends while sipping on expertly made cocktails and the inside is a cozy vibe perfect for a date night. I highly recommend trying the Brussel sprouts and steak frites (always always ask for truffle sauce).

Kork Wine Bar (815 S. Main Street Suite 101 Georgetown, TX 78626)- not only does this spot have an ever changing wine selection, unique craft beers on tap and delish food, but the space is massive. There is a smaller front patio, tons of indoor seating and a whole other patio on the other side of the main entrance.

Nightingale Bistro (205 W 6th Street #101A Georgetown, TX 78626)- a relatively recent addition to Lark & Owl bookstore is this rustic French inspired restaurant. Dining space is completely outdoors and an evening under the strand lights is totally romantic.

Sweet tooth:

18 Carrot Bakery (710 S Austin Ave. Georgetown, TX 78626) - this bakery is out of this world amazing! Everything is made from scratch using organic ingredients. 18 Carrot sells cakes, pies, cheesecakes, cookies, muffins, scones and best of all their cinnamon rolls. The cinnamon rolls are quite the experience, but only sold on Sundays and sell out fast, so don't mess around. The bakery recently expanded to house classes, tea parties and kids cooking camps.

Galaxy Bakery (107 E 7th Street Georgetown, TX 78626)- my husband cannot leave this bakery without spending at least $30 because he gets so excited every time. The bakery keeps an assortment of goodies out to sell and will also take cake requests for special events.

Shake's Frozen Custard (1208 Williams Drive Georgetown, TX 78628)- this is a classic custard spot that I pray never changes. The custard is outstanding and the flavor combinations and truly unlimited.

Hula Cowgirl Shaved Ice (103 N Austin Ave. #305 Georgetown, TX 78626)- whenever grandparents come to town, the first thing our daughter requests is a visit to Hula Cowgirl. This shaved ice spot carries more flavors than I ever knew existed and also serves ice cream.

All Things Kids /Scoops (703 S. Main Street Georgetown, TX 78626)- it's a shame to visit the square without a visit to this shop. Scoops provides an old school ice cream parlor experience and the sweet smell is intoxicating.

Our family spends A LOT of time in Georgetown, so if you happen to run into us, please come say hello. Would love to meet you!


Ashley M.

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  • Ashley M.

During this last weekend, my family and I enjoyed a quick getaway to Canyon of the Eagles. We were really eager to escape the chaos of work, school and the general business of life to really spend time with one another. Since we afre not vaccinated, the safety precautions and COVID policies the resort has in place, made the property attractive to us.

On our way to Canyon of the Eagles resort, we stopped at Longhorn Cavern State Park for a cave tour. We booked the tour in advance as the weekends do get quite busy. The cave tour was an hour and a half long and we all enjoyed learning the history of the cave as well as walking the many underground rooms. During the part of the tour where our guide turned off every light for us to experience true total darkness, our toddler, Max, yelloed, "Oh no, we need some lights!" and that gave us all a good giggle. On our next trip to Longhorn Cavern State Park, I would like to be prepared with a picnic lunch and more time to explore the trails.

From Longhorn Cavern State Park, it took us about half an hour to get to Canyon of the Eagles. During check in, we were presented with two room keys that had little flashlights attached (I thought this was a thoughtful touch). The rooms are clean, spacious, cozy and include a mini fridge, coffeemaker and microwave. Our favorite part of the room was the view and of course, the rocking chairs.

Once we unloaded the kiddos, the dog and all of our stuff (classic over packer right here!), we toured the property. We got to see the beach, various trails, pool, recreation room (there is a TV in this room should you have that itch during your visit), restaurant and campsites. The resort has 62 guest rooms within the 16 different buildings, meeting and banquet space, plus 25 full hook RV sites and 33 campsites.

We enjoyed our evening dinner at Overlook Restaurant. The chef has incorporated some wild game menu items in addition to traditional steakhouse fare. Our view during dinner overlooking (hence the name) Lake Buchanan was absolutely spectacular and the server was incredibly thoughtful when it came to bringing drinks and food to the kiddos. Of course, immediately following dinner, we cuddled up by the bonfire and roasted marshmallows for s'mores before heading back to our room for the evening.

*Dinner reservations are required and activities such as kayak rental, private guided hikes and private boat cruises can also be booked in advance.

My biggest reccomendation while staying at COTE, is to look up. The night sky is insanely gorgeous and in fact, you can book time with the astronomer at their Eagle Eye Observatory. We could not stop staring at the sky. It's hard to beat an evening in a rocking chair, stargazing with wine in hand!

The next morning, I ran about 6 miles on the trails and would have run longer if I wouldn't have been so anxious to get back to my crew. Canyon of the Eagles houses 14 miles of trails that are clean and really well marked which is perfect for someone like me that lacks general navigation skills. We walked over to the Overlook restaurant for breakfast which can either be taken to go or consumed at the restaurant itself. We opted to enjoy that view again while we dined and we all devoured our breakfast before heading out for the day's activities.

We took the kiddos on a small hike and then drove the short drive down to the beach on property. There, we found our kayak and life vests were ready and waiting for us. We were lucky to get out on the water before the wind picked up that afternoon and the views while out on the water were even more spectacular. Once we were back to shore, the kiddos ran around on the beach collecting treasure. It felt so amazing to have space for the kiddos to run freely and to have the time to allow such unscheduled play.

Once the car was loaded, we grabbed our takeout lunch orders from Overlook restaurant and brought them with us to Perissos Vineyard & Winery. Perissos is a small, family- run vineyard and boutique winery located in Hill Country. The tasting room is large and outside has tons of picnic tables. Hubs and I enjoyed our tasting while the kiddos ate their lunch and ran around the vineyard.

I highly recommend making the visit to Canyon of the Eagles with family or even as a romantic getaway. I definitely would love to visit during when Bluebonnets are in bloom!

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  • Ashley M.

I am not exaggerating when I say I have been hinting (sometimes subtle and other times not so subtle) to my husband for years about wanting a Traeger. Years ago, my dad had given us an old charcoal smoker and it was a total flop. I love to cook, but I am not pit master. Also, kids... two tiny humans that basically never let me continue a thought or action without interruption.

Six months into COVID life and lack of dining options, hubs was ready to discuss and research model options with me. We ended up ordering the Traeger Pro Series 575. We chose this model based on size and functionality. I knew for sure WiFire technology would be important to me and let me tell you the convenience of checking grill and probe temp from a phone is fantastic. The grill came in two large boxes and assembly instructions were very clear.

We've owned our Traeger Pro Series 575 for a month now and while we've absolutely loved every recipe we've tried so far, these are our favorites:

  1. Smoked Shredded Brussels Sprout Salad- this was one of our Thanksgiving dinner sides and while it was a perfect compliment to the holiday meal, I would gladly enjoy it any day of the year.

  2. Grilled Whole Steelhead Filet- our family regularly purchases large steelhead trout filets for dinner, but I have to say the ease of execution and this flavor of doing it on this grill was like nothing we have had before.

  3. Reverse Seared Try-Tip w/ Chimichurri Sauce- this was my first time using a reverse sear method and holy moly was it tasty! I also was planning on being too lazy to actually make the chimichurri sauce, but I am glad I went through with it.

  4. Baja-Stye Fish Tacos- we purchased responsibly raised tilapia for this recipe and even our picky eater kiddo devoured her portion.

  5. Smoked Roasted Chicken w/ Herb Butter- this was our Christmas dinner main dish and it was wonderful!

  6. Smoked Wings- I actually used the original wing recipe we always used on a regular grill and made tweaks, so that we could skip the oven step and do everything on the Traeger (see Traeger steps).

  7. Whole Grilled Red Snapper- this was incredible. We purchased our whole red snapper from HEB which was gutted and cleaned for us. We served this dish with the salad and brown rice which we drizzled with some of the salad dressing as well.

  8. Cold- Smoked Salmon Gravlax- while this recipe involves days and a little bit of planning, the steps are simple and the result is honestly better than any store bought smoked salmon I have ever purchased. We used the salmon for charcuterie boards, lox and bagels and even made sushi bowls.

I hope this selection inspires you to create some new dishes at home. Now I am off to try and decide what our NYE menu will look like...decisions, decisions.

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