About Ashley M


It's nice to meet you!

My name is Ashley. I live in the greater Austin area with my husband, Scott, our children, Olivia and Max, and adopted Chinese Crested dog, Noah. My favorite things are my family, food and travel. I spend my weekdays as a social media manager and a mama. On weeknights you can find me in the kitchen testing new recipes. Weekends are for exploration! 

I obsess over Pinterest, Yelp and Amazon reviews so that you don't have to! When we first moved to Texas from Ohio, our daughter was only 9 months old. I was navigating  my new role as stay at home mom in a new city while my husband was swamped with his busy career. I've stumbled through regretted product purchases, left restaurants embarrassed that we dared to bring a noisy child into and spent wasted time on Pinterest flopped recipes that left me with nothing but a kitchen full of dirty dishes and a hangry family. I created Feed This House to provide a way other moms (dads are invited too!) can easily navigate all things pertaining to their house. I want people to try new recipes, make confident purchases and be motivated to discover new places.  

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